Seqrite Endpoint Security

Seqrite Endpoint Security

Full protection and control of desktops&laptops with centrally managed console
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Seqrite Endpoint Security (SEPS) is designed to provide complete security solutions to small and enterprise-level networks against various kinds of malicious threats such as viruses, Trojans, worms, backdoors, spyware, riskware, adult content, and hackers.

SEPS is a Web-based management solution that integrates desktops, laptops and network servers. It allows you to access all clients and servers in the network and manage them remotely. You can deploy antivirus software applications, configure security policies, signature pattern updates and software updates on the clients and servers. You can also monitor clients to check whether there are any policy breaches or security threats within the organization, and take appropriate actions for ensuring security across the networks.

Seqrite Endpoint Security (SEPS) works on the Client/Server architecture where the console manages all the client agents deployed on the network. The console and client agents can be installed on almost all flavors of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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